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The nature of investments and trading that underlying customers can undertake through Citypoint Trading may present a material and higher level of risk for financial return and loss. All underlying customers and investors should ensure any queries or concerns as to suitability with their personal investment circumstances and needs are always fully consulted in the first instance with their own independent financial adviser. In particular, trading in products on margin carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. All trading positions will carry some level of risk, but the requirements and high degree of leverage involved can result in some or all of your initial investment or total trading liability under contract being lost. Even certain orders e.g. placing pending orders on a 'stop loss' basis, will not necessarily limit or restrict your level of loss or exposure and may even be impossible to execute in volatile market conditions. All investors need to be fully aware of all risks associated with their own trading activity, having careful consideration to their own risk appetite, investment objectives and level of experience.

Citypoint Trading does not provide advice nor manage with any discretion. The products and services supported by Ciytpoint Trading may also be of a higher risk nature, and any investors who are unsure of their investment and trading decisions and activity should contact their own independent financial adviser.

Downloadable Documents

Terms and Conditions

Download our Terms and Conditions documents here.

Risk Warning

Download our risk warning here.

Best Execution Policy

Click here to download and view Citypoint's Best Execution Policy.

Retail Client Protection Notice

To read and download our retail client protection notice, please click here.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Our conflicts of interest policy is available to read and download by clicking here.

Key Information Documents (KIDs) – FX

Download our key information document related to our Forex trading.

Key Information Documents (KIDs) - Indices

Download our key information document related to our Indices trading.

Key Information Documents (KIDs) - Commodities

Download our key information document related to our Commodity trading.

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